STAFF_ARTIST_SOLOIST1 정영재<span>(Soloist&Principal)</span>
정영재(Soloist&Principal) Jung Youngjae Soloist1
  • Graduated from Ulan-Ude State Ballet School in 2001
  • Studied at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy
  • Graduated from Korea National University of Arts in 2010
  • School of Dance, Dance Performance
  • Graduated from Chungnam National University with a MA degree in Dance, 2016
  • Graduated from Chungnam National University with a doctor's degree in Dance, 2019
  • Danced for the Universal Ballet and English National Ballet
  • Joined the KNB in 2009
  • 2005 Finalist, Nagoya International Ballet Competition
  • 2007 Grand Prix and Minister Prize(The Ministry of Culture & Tourism), Seoul International Dancer Competition
  • 2007 Special Prize, New York International Ballet Competition
  • 2009 1st Prize, Korea New Artist Dance Competition
  • 2010 Grand Prix, Best Duet, Vladimir Vasiliev Prize and Audience Award, Ballet Competition Arabesque
  • 2011 Danseur Noble Prize, The Korea Ballet Association
  • 2013 Minister Prize, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • 2018 Excellence Award, The Korean Society of Dance