About Academy

국립발레단 산하 아카데미 소개 이미지
A Ballet Academy Under a Ballet Company - A Korean First

A ballet school affiliated with a ballet company, which had been a cherished wish in Korean ballet circles for 30 years, was finally established in the form of the Culture School 
(currently the KNB - affiliated Ballet Academy) in 1993 at the National Theater of Korea. 

This was an important first step to establishing a national ballet school, an aspiration held by the late Im Seong-nam, the first KNB artistic director. The school allowed for education in ballet within Korea at an early age without having to go overseas at a time when ballet was still new to the nation. As such, KNB was serious about the business of training up future ballet dancers who would lead Korean ballet in the coming years.

Through long-term exchanges with the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet School in Russia, KNB was able to provide systematic and practical education and established further ties with the Vaganova Ballet Academy, another prestigious Russian ballet school, as a way of ensuring a more specialized education. Based on Russian ballet methods, our Academy provides a specialized education system to identify talent early and nurture it. The KNB-affiliated Ballet Academy has produced numerous star dancers, making it the undisputed leader in Korean ballet education. 

국립발레단 산하 아카데미 소개 이미지
Korea's First Class for Adults

In 2000, the KNB-affiliated Ballet Academy offered a class for adults who had not majored in ballet: another Korean first.

The ballet class for amateur adults provides the same specialized, systematic, and practical education the Academy is known for in its endeavors to further popularize ballet. Popular among the general public, many join as admirers of ballet, while others simply wish to correct their posture and get in shape. The students realize their dreams of dancing on stage by participating in the Academy's annual performance.