[Provincial tour In March]
< Ballet with Commentary Don Quixote > in Yeoncheon and Gongju Ended in Great Success

   Korean National Ballet met the audience with < Ballet with Commentary Don Quixote > in Yeoncheon Sureul Art Hall on Saturday, March 11th and in Gongju Culture And Art Center on Tuesday, March 14th. 

   Full length ballet with commentary series is a part of ballet promotion campaign of KNB to bring ballet closer to the general public and < Ballet with Commentary Don Quixote >  is one of them. With the detailed description of the performance and pop quiz events, this series have been enjoyed by just about anyone.

   A lot of families came to see us in Yeonchen and Gongju. And our dancers have responded with a passionate performance to return their support.
   We would like to thank all of the audience who came to see 
< Ballet with Commentary Don Quixote > , and hope to get a lot of support from you to 2023 new performance of Korean National Ballet < Don Quixote >  re-choreographed by Song Jungbin, which will be held in Seoul Arts Center between April 12th to 16th.