[Press Conference]
Foreseeing KNB's Vision and Interview with the Choreographer of the New < Don Quixote >

   Kang Suejin was presented the appointment certification by Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism on April 5th(WED). Kang has been reappointed as the artistic director of the Korean National Ballet for the fourth consecutive term after being first appointed in 2014 as the seventh artistic director. With this, Kang will serve the role for three more years. 
   At a press conference held at the Seoul Arts Center Kang Suejin announced her plan for the coming years and said she will focus on connecting with the people and making Korean ballet spread its wings and fly all over the world. 
   Kang said she hopes to present the essence of ballet to the public by securing the performance rights to the renowned ballet choreographer John Neumeier. Also, Korean National Ballet will make all-out efforts to promote the access of the disadvantaged groups to art and culture through nationwide tour that showcases the works from gala excerpts to full length ballets, she said.

   And choreographer Song Jungbin introduced KNB’s new work . He said it’s his second creation for the company and there are some changes to plot and characters, but the glamour and spectacle of the original are still very much intact.