[Artistic Director Kang Suejin]
Forum for the Construction of the Korea National Dance Center

   Last Thursday, April 27th, the forum on the construction of the Korea National Dance Center was held in the conference room of the National Assembly Members’ Hall. The forum was co-hosted by the national assembly members Kim Seungsu(People Power Party, Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee) and Yoo Jungju(The Minjoo Party), and co-sponsored by Korea Dance Association and other 18 organizations. 

   In her keynote address, Kang Suejin, artistic director of Korean National Ballet, said that Korean dance community needs to work on creating more opportunities to be seen as well as on developing educational program, archives, and human resource training and management in order to gain international recognition and The Korea National Dance Center can be a place for active discussion within the community.
   “There are so many outstanding Korean ballet dancers, contemporary dancers, and choreographers working overseas and brilliant artists are taking top honors at various international competitions. Now we need to create space for them to show what they are capable of,” Kang said.
   We hope get a lot of support and interest from you as the construction of the Korea National Dance Center will help establish a solid foundation for support system and make K-dance known to the world.