Artistic Director, <br>Korean National Ballet   Kang Suejin

At my inauguration ceremony,
I promised in front of many people to help transform
Korean National Ballet into a sparkling gem.

Not a single day has passed where all of us in the Ballet squad,
including me, haven't broken a sweat to make that promise a reality.
The audience's trust and encouragement has been the drive behind
this tireless effort towards that pledge.

Along the way, we have learned many valuable lessons.

Now we know that Korean National Ballet can aspire
to our goals and live out our dreams only thanks to
the support of all of you.
Your unsung backing and applause motivates us to continue on
toward the same goal. We are ready to pledge again that
we shall seek to never disappoint you.

And again, I want to talk to you through ballet.

Ballet is the narrative of the body.
As this narrative is the embodiment of each
and every soulful move,
we continue to practice with sweat and tears.
Ballet is our language.

Thank you.

Artistic Director,
Korean National Ballet
Kang Suejin
Artistic Director, <br>Korean National Ballet   Kang Suejin's Sign