국립발레단 이미지 ci
Objectives of KNB's New CI

To deliver messages more clearly
The combination of the taegeuk symbol from the Korean flag and the female ballet dancer is aimed at instantly evoking images of Korea and ballet and helping to reinforce KNB's identity.

To symbolize the diverse repertoire KNB pursues
The new CI symbolizes KNB's endeavor to incorporate diverse genres from classical ballet to contemporary ballet.

CI Details

Taegeuk symbol
The taegeuk symbol (or yin-yang symbol) intuitively evokes the image of Korea for both Koreans and non-Koreans and highlights KNB's position as a nationally leading, government-established ballet company.

Female Ballet Dancer
Costume The dancer, assuming a variation of the fourth position, is not attired in a classical tutu.
Shoes The foot performing pointe work is in a pointe shoe, but the other foot is bare.
Attitude With her chest held out, the dancer gives an impression of marching forward, symbolizing KNB's relentless advance into the future.

This CI represents KNB's pursuit of excellence across diverse genres including drama, neoclassical ballet, and contemporary ballet based on its extensive classic repertoire.