[Promotions Announcement]
KNB Dancers Promotions in 2024

Soloist ▶ Cho Yeonjae, and Jeon Hojin

Our two members, Cho Yeonjae, and Jeon Hojin were promoted to Soloist. In 2023, Cho Yeonjae danced the leading role in our repertoire, as Kitri in 〈Don Quixote〉, as Giselle in 〈Giselle〉, as Lise in 〈La fille mal gardée〉, and as Marie in 〈The Nutcracker〉, captivating audiences with her breathtaking performances. Jeon Hojin stole our hearts with his cheeky antics and superb technique in his performances as Sancho in 〈Don Quixote〉, and as Alain in 〈La fille mal gardée〉. Please look forward to their growth in the future as they carry on to bring countless works of art alive.

Demi Soloist ▶Lee Eunseo, Kang Gyeongmo, and Choi Yujeong

Also, Lee Eunseo, Kang Gyeongmo, and Choi Yujeong, who have shown steady growth last year, were promoted to Demi Soloist. Please look forward to seeing how they continue to develop this year. We hope you’ll join us to cheer on their promotions.

Although we don’t publish it on our website, KNB dancers are divided into 10 ranks. And promotion decisions are made on the basis of thorough and extensive evaluation. Please send a heartfelt congratulation to other members who have been promoted.

Soloist ▶ Ha Jiseok
Demi Soloist ▶ Kim Kiryeong, Kim Jihyeon, and Min Sojung
Corps de Ballet1 ▶ Jung Eunji, and Yang Junyoung