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Gangwon 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games Celebration Performance 〈Ballet with Commentary Le Corsaire〉

   KNB successfully presented its first performance in 2024, 〈Ballet with Commentary Le Corsaire〉 in celebration of Gangwon 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games(YOG) on January 31st(WED). Tickets(all free of charge) were sold out in six minutes, and it was the largest attendance of all art and culture performances at Gangwon 2024.
   At Gangwon 2024, the first Winter YOG to be held in Asia, featuring about 1,800 athletes from 78 countries, KNB took to the stage with 〈Ballet with Commentary Le Corsaire〉, choreographed by Song Jungbin, which has elements of fun and the onstage narrator making it easy to understand. And this meaningful performance received a wildly enthusiastic reception from the public.
   Thank you very much, Gangwon. We hope we can tour many more regional locations in 2024.