[Board Meeting]
The 69th Korean National Ballet Board Meeting


Back Row - Auditor Park Haekyu, Board member Jang Seonhee, Board member Jang Hyungjun, Board member Shin Hyuntaek, Board member Jeon Hongjo, and Managing Director Lee Jongmin.

Front Row: Board member Park Sojung(a substitute for Administrative official Shin Hyoshim), Artistic Director Kang Suejin, Honorary President Huh Yongsu, Board member Heo Myoyeon, and Board member Lee Chanju.

   The 69th Korean National ballet board meeting was held at Associations of Korean National Arts Companies Studio N on February 27th(TUE). 
   With the presence of the Honorary President Huh Yongsoo, the Auditor Park Haekyu, the Artistic Director Kang Suejin, the Managing Director Lee Jongmin, and all the directors of the divisions came together to look back and evaluate the year 2023 and to discuss ways to establish a vision for a better future in 2024. KNB will put various efforts into not just staying, but growing and improving this year.