Korean National Ballet

KKorean National Ballet, or KNB, was established in 1962 as the National Dance Company of Korea and 

spun off as Korean National Ballet in 1973. It became a foundation in 2000 and has since been making

itself known to the world.

During its 56 years of existence under the direction of seven artistic directors, from the first director, 

Lim Sungnam to the seventh and current director, Kang Suejin, 

KNB has been leading ballet in Korea through 

its wide repertoire, has built a solid global network, 

established and run the affiliated Ballet Academy,

and is proactively reaching out to the public 

and putting on more regional performances.

Under the leadership of its 7th artistic director, Kang Suejin, 

who assumed the position in 2014, KNB has presented 

the Korean premieres of Uwe Scholz's < The Seventh Symphony > 

and Glen Tetley's < The Rite of Spring > in 2014,

John Cranko's < The Taming of the Shrew > in 2015,

George Balanchine's < Serenade > 

and Márcia Haydée's < Sleeping Beauty > in 2016,

Christian Spuck's < Anna Karenina > in 2017 and

the world premiere of a new < Mata Hari >

Renato Zanella specially created for the KNB in 2018.

Since 2015, the ballet company has also been promoting 

creativity through the experimental, an initiative to identify 

new choreographers and repertoire.

Today, KNB is paying more attention to outreach programs 

and regional performances to bring culture to more people 

everywhere in the country. 

It also engages in a range of marketing and PR activities 

to raise international awareness of Korean ballet.